Founded in 2004 by Diane Kennedy CPA, was originally created as a resource for business owners and investors to get cutting edge information on tax strategy and business building. Over the years has matured and grown its focus to include financial and wealth tools for business owners and investors in addition to its original mandate to provide the best education on tax strategy around. We’ve recently gone through a major renovation on the site and you’ll notice many new tools to save money on taxes and grow your business. You’ll also notice the active involvement of several of the Maui Advisors sharing fresh content on the site.

Business team in conversation

Maui Mastermind is a community of successful entrepreneurs

who help business owners build a business, not just a job for themselves. We give business owners a concrete road map that lays out the entire life cycle of their business from launch to exit. We connect business owners to an exclusive network of experts and an upgraded peer group through our formal and highly structured Business Consulting Program. We help business owners get to the next level through online and in-person trainings and our series of unique events, including our annual $40,000 Maui Mastermind Wealth Summit.
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