Do you have a group that needs some cutting-edge
tax strategy and advice?

We provide materials, including tax deduction worksheets for Realtors (and for Ohio agents, we report CE credits to the Ohio Division of Real Estate). We make it fun, and we focus on helping you and your staff keep MORE of your own money. We'll explain PPP, EIDL and more! We also cover:

  • Tips on keeping records & Mile Tracking apps
  • How you can save big with an S Corp
  • Tax deductions you should be taking, IRS RED FLAGS, audit defense tips
  • Options you can suggest to taxpayers who have fallen behind on returns
  • Current Tax code changes for Self-Employed Business owners
  • How cancellation of debt can blind- side your seller
  • How to make estimated taxes work with your cash flow, Tax areas of special interest to Real Estate Agents, like the home office deduction.

We can also do a custom zoom class to suit your needs. We make it more fun, informative, and more entertaining than you’d think accountants could be capable of!