October 17th, 2023

Being a leader means a lot of things when it comes to your business, but one of the most important things you can do every day is to be mindful of your behaviors and actions. As humans, we are inherently inductive machines. We are constantly watching those around us and looking for patterns of behavior, ultimately changing the way we work or interact with our colleagues based on those inductions.

And as a leader, your staff is always watching you and learning from your behaviors. They notice that you get upset with Gina when her reports are late. They see you struggling when a client is particularly difficult to work with. They notice when you arrive at a meeting five minutes late. They see what you celebrate and what you ignore, and all of that helps shape what they pay attention to in the workplace. So, today I want to talk about behavior that will have a big impact not only on your team but on your clients and customers as well.

Watch the clock with your team

When it comes to leading with integrity, being mindful of the clock is a big one. And this affects all levels of your business. Do you arrive early or on time to meetings? That shows that you value the schedules of your co-workers. Do you arrive on time when meeting with clients? This shows your team that your customers are vitally important to your business, and that they should always be a top priority for everyone on your team. Do you make sure you get the deliverables you promised to the team member or clients on time? Your team will follow suit, and you will have a much easier time meeting deadlines and company goals. Your actions have a direct effect on your business and your bottom line.

Watch the clock with your clients

How you handle time can also have a direct impact on how your customers perceive you and your business. Showing up for meetings on time or early shows that you value their business and know that their time is precious. Spending time with them during those meetings and making sure their needs are met goes a long way. Getting your product or service out in a timely manner will help your customers gain trust in the services you offer. The same goes for customer issues or refunds. Returning emails and phone calls helps make you more trustworthy, which helps customers gain confidence in your company.

No one is perfect, and you will slip up from time to time. But being mindful of your behaviors and how you deal with time-sensitive issues is going to be a step in the right direction. Because it is so important for you to set the right tone in your business, and to make sure that your team creates helpful, healthy, empowering, and meaningful stories for both your team and your client base. Good luck!