December 22nd, 2011

I  just wanted to reach out to you one more time in 2011 to ask you what just might be the most important business question of all:

What is the deeper reason(s) you invest so much of you in your business?

Think about it.  You invest thousands of hours each year in working for and growing your business – what’s the deeper “why” for which you do it?

I’ll share with you my deeper whys for Maui Mastermind so you can see what I’m getting at, but please make sure you don’t just read this passively, but that you invest 20 minutes to write down your answers to this core question.

David’s Answer with Maui Mastermind:

  1. I love writing about, talking about, thinking about, and creating on ways to build and grow successful businesses.  I find the subject matter so interesting and it is a huge creative outlet for my “driver” / “builder” energies.  I find this a joy; it is something that I would do for free.
  2. It gives my family and me a wonderful, values driven lifestyle.  I get to control my schedule and spend tons of time with Heather and Matthew and Adam – and that is so fulfilling for me.  I know that when they grow up, Matthew and Adam may say that my dad messed up on this or that, but that they’ll say, “My dad was incredibly involved and present in my life.”  That matters deeply to me.
  3. It is the major way that I “serve” the world.  Every time we help a business owner improve his or her business, we directly help them, their employees, and their vendors improve their life.  Plus, we get to do it in a way that empowers people to do for themselves, not just writing a check for us to do for them.  This is one of my core values.

Now what are YOUR deeper reasons for doing your business?

Write them out on a 3×5 index card and keep it up and out in front of you at the office.

Also, thank you to all of you who took the time to write in and share your ways of “paying it forward” in the world this holiday season based on the email I sent you last week.

I heard so many inspirational stories and I want to share a few ways you in the Maui community are making a difference:

  • Sharon and her husband gave a young couple who manage their manufactured home park a free and clear home!
  • Antonia gives to her local food bank and women’s shelter and challenges her peers in the Maui community to buy an extra case of a staple food at the store the next time you shop and drop it off.
  • Matt played Santa at his local animal shelter raising money and awareness to adopt pets.
  • Chris is buying gift cards through his church to give out.

As you can see real wealth is savoring the people and blessings in your life AND real wealth is what you give and share with others.

Thank you for being a part of the Maui community.  You are a blessing in my life and I deeply care about you

From the entire Taxloopholes and Maui team – may 2012 be a prosperous and healthy and joyous year for you.