November 28th, 2016

With over one hundred 5-Star Amazon reviews and close to 5,000 copies now sold world-wide, we are happy to announce that the Tax Loopholes resident CPAs Matt MacFarland and Amanda Han are releasing the highly anticipated book Tax Strategies for the Savvy Real Estate Investor in both hard copy and on Kindle!

Want to know how a real investor was able to save thousands of dollars by being in the correct legal entity? Or how another investor was able to save over $13,000 in taxes by simply shifting his money into a self-directed account? In this book, you will learn about everyday investors who make small changes that have a dramatic impact on their taxes and finances. You will hear real stories of clients that we have worked with and the actions they have taken to supercharge their wealth building.

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This year, take the guesswork out of tax season and get more cash back in your pocket. With the tax deadline looming, make sure to empower yourself with the tools needed to protect your hard earned money. For the first time, we have put together a tax strategies book designed specifically for real estate investors.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the things you will find in this book:

  1. Creative ways to maximize your tax deductions
  2. The right and wrong ways to use your legal entities
  3. Clever ways to write off your kids
  4. Strategies to write off every penny on your travel
  5. Depreciation must-do’s for real estate investors
  6. Legal entity lies exposed and what you need to know as a real estate investor
  7. Easy tips and tricks to cut down bookkeeping time
  8. Little known secrets to taking control of your retirement money
  9. Simple ways to protect yourself from an IRS audit
  10. And much more!

As a special bonus, you will also receive the following if you purchase the book from our publisher’s website:

  • What records to keep and why? A helpful guide to getting rid of that paper clutter and only keep what you must (bonus PDF)
  • When to Call your CPA? Hiring a CPA can be expensive. So – when should you really contact your CPA and when is it okay to just wing it? (bonus PDF)
  • CPA Fireround! Important answers to some of your frequently asked questions (bonus PDF)
  • Retirement Accounts that can be Self-Directed (to Real Estate Deals) A dozen retirement account strategies at your fingertips. (bonus PDF)

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Now let us warn you… It is not all pretty. You will laugh, you will sigh, and you may cry at some of the painful mistakes that cost people lots and lots of money. Why? Because these are real life stories, and in real life, it is not always magical fairy dust and happy endings. But within every story lies a lesson or strategy that may help you to reduce your taxes and keep more of your money!