July 24th, 2012

With the possible exception of your Finance Pillar, in no other area of your business is it as important to track your results as in sales and marketing. You do that by creating simple scorecards that tell you what is and is not working.

Do you know quantitatively and objectively how each of your main lead generation activities perform?

For example, do you know your cost-per-lead by lead source?

Do you know your percentage response rates (e.g., click-through rates on banner ads, or response rates per direct mail piece, etc.)?

Are you able to relate your lead generation activities to your sales conversion metrics so you can track which leads are highest (or lowest) quality?

After you have good numerical data with which to work, determine your best lead generators, your best lead converters, and your best current client resellers, and invest in scaling up those efforts.

How do you get the resources to do this?

Easy. Starve your losers! Cut your bottom performers.

Don’t waste precious time, focus, and money on below-average performers when you can reinvest these resources in scaling up the best ones.

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