May 15th, 2014

A short while ago I did a private webinar interview with Maui Advisor Bill Shopoff on the current state of the real estate market. As you know Bill is an industry insider and mega-successful real estate investor.

I wanted to give you a chance to access the video recording of this data-rich interview.

During this 32-minute private interview we recorded for our top clients, Bill shared his insights as to what’s REALLY happening in the real estate market (residential AND commercial.)

Not only is Bill a very active investor who just completed a $500 million deal this year, but Bill’s company spends tens of thousands of dollars each year for various information and research firms to gather insider data for his company.

This is your chance to get full access to this same information—for FREE! (Bill even offered to give every participant a PDF copy of his 25+ powerpoint slides! Considering that they were detailed charts and graphs of market data, I strongly encourage you to get them as he tells you during the video.)

Click here to get immediate access to this 32-minute video –>

Enjoy it and make sure you thank Bill the next time you see him at one of our conferences!

Again here’s the link to get access to the video recording of this webinar interview of Bill Shopoff. (Plus make sure you get the PDFs—Bill tells you the email address to ask for them about 10 minutes into the video.)

For those of you who are joining us on June 27-28th at the Systems and Controls workshop, Bill is hosting a celebration party at site of his $500 million development project near Orange County Airport. We’ll likely celebrate the party on the evening of the 28th.