February 3rd, 2012

There is just such strong negativity in the media that I wanted to share with you 5 specific examples of business owners who are getting great results.

I’m hoping this inspires you to grow your business and rise above the media barrage of negativity.

These stories are all so present because they come direct from 3 different Maui Business Consulting Program clients that participated on our “Entrepreneurial Wealth” event a few weeks ago in San Diego.

For more on the Business Consulting Program, or to see several dozen of our clients share their own stories via short videos, just follow this link.–>

Story One: Mark and Quality Property Maintenance Company

Mark has been running his business for many years now and was getting burnt out. After getting some new ideas on how to escape the Small Business Trap™ of a business dependent on himself, Mark not only has been growing his company, but applied two simple ideas he got from the program to immediately grow his business in 30 days…

Idea One: Scaling his capacity by getting his VENDORS to scale theirs!

Rather than hire on more people, Mark followed our advice and first went to his vendors whom he subcontracts much of the day to day work out to and got them to hire on more staff!

Here is the languaging we coached him to use: “Joe, I want to give you more business, but sure would understand if you just don’t have extra staff to handle more from us. We’re growing and I just need to know, do you have the capacity to take on new business from us or do we need to find someone else to give this extra business too? We’ll still use you for the business we already give you, but if you don’t have the staff or capacity to handle our growth, we’ll need to find someone else who can take on the extra growth. I just wanted to give you first crack at it.

Funny enough, when Mark presented it that way, several of his vendors hired on more staff to be ready to handle Mark’s growth! Notice that Mark didn’t need to hire, didn’t need to take on the extra overhead, he just gets to contract out as he needs the extra capacity. I’m sure you’ll agree this is a much smarter way to go.

Idea Two: Reactivation calls to past clients.

This is such a powerful technique. When we coached Mark on it he put it into effect, and in the past 3 weeks he’s brought back several past clients who will add over $120,000 of annual revenue to his company this year!

Any names come to mind of your past clients that you need to reach back out to?

Story Two: Cynthia and Vacation Rental Business

Cynthia has a vacation rental business, one that “should” have seen drops in sales with the economy. But she actually increased her sales by 40% over 2011!

But this brought with it a new challenge–burn out!

With all this new business, she desperately needs more operational help to free up her time and give her breathing space.

This is very normal–having a period of rapid growth that you the business owner handle by simply “working harder”.

But remember, working harder is a Level Two solution, and a temporary fix at that.

The Level Three solution is to work smarter. That’s why in the first half of 2012 we’ll be helping Cynthia implement systems, controls, and increased operational staffing to get her lifestyle back.

How about you? Do you need outside help to get your lifestyle back? Has your business’s success come at the price of longer hours to keep it all going?

If you answered yes to either of these two questions, I strongly encourage you to find out more about the Maui Mastermind Business Consulting and Coaching Program. You may just find that you get your life back like Tom…

Story Three: Tom and xByte

When we first started to work with, Tom he was a very successful entrepreneur who worked 80 hour weeks, with his business totally dependent on him.

Over the years of working together Tom has not only grown his multi-million dollar business by close to 70%, but more importantly he’s built up the team, systems, and controls that have allowed him to successfully reduce his working hours to less than 40.

And in a time when most business owners are hiding from the “tough” economy, Tom and his team had their best year ever! (But all we hear in the media is “the sky is falling”!)

It’s a core belief of the Maui community that real wealth is about so much more than the money you make. And time freedom is a big part to that wealth.

I hope that these three stories spark your belief in what’s possible for you. Don’t just blindly accept the stark picture dolled out by today’s media.

If what I shared today resonates with you, and you’d like our help to take your business to the next level…

If you think you’d to Level Three faster working with an experience team of successful entrepreneurs who’ve built and sold multimillion dollar businesses, then I urge you to learn more about our Business Consulting Program.

This structured coaching and consulting program is designed to help business owners just like you take your business to the next level.