December 21st, 2011

I was thinking about what to get you for the holidays and I decided to give you the gift of growing your business!

For a limited time, get your own personal copy of our 4-part video training course for business owners (a $596 value!)

Here’s exactly what you’ll get:

Video One: Simple Steps to Breakthrough Business Ideas! ($149 Value)

Join Jeff Hoffman, mega-successful entrepreneur as he shares with you his proprietary system for reliably staying ahead of your competitors by creating breakthrough business ideas.

Jeff sold his first company CTI to American Express for over $20 million before he was 35 and went on to launch, scale, and sell numerous other successful businesses.

He is the former CEO and founding team member of (currently valued at over $6 BILLION!)

In this 50-minute video, you’ll learn the exact same system he used to build the multi-billion dollar family of companies.

Captured live at a past Maui workshop, you’ll get dozens of ideas to make your business more successful.

—-> Link to get your complimentary copy of this 4-part video training course!

Video Two: How to Escape the Self-Employment Trap™ and Build a Business, Not a Job! ($149 Value)

Join Wall Street Journal and Business Week bestselling author and serial entrepreneur David Finkel for this 90-minute training on how you can build a business that independent of you the business owner.

You’ll learn the how to avoid the single biggest mistake that most business owners make, and how you can build a business you can one day sell, scale, or even own passively.

This video training lays out the concrete road map to build a business, not a job.

—-> Link to get your complimentary copy of this 4-part video training course!

Video Three: 6 Time Tactics to Free Up 6+ Hours per Week to Build Your Business! ($149 Value)

Have you ever felt maxed out, without the time to focus on building and developing your business? In this 50-minute video training you’ll learn 6 tested and proven time tactics to free up a full day each week to reinvest in growing your business.

You’ll learn a revolutionary new entrepreneurial time mastery system that helps restructure your week for maximum impact inside your business.

You’ll learn how a physician in St. Louis MO, Dr. Gurpreet Padda, increase his net income by over $1 million in less than 12 months of applying this system. And you’ll get 6 specific time tools that will immediately help you to upgrade your use of time to create more value, higher sales, and more discretionary time to grow your business.

Video Four: The Three Essential Ingredients to Build a Business You Can Sell, Scale, or Own Passively! ($149 Value)

Too many business owners try to build a business independent of themselves simply by hiring the “right manager”. This rarely works over time. Instead you need to build a solid foundation of competent team, solid systems, and intelligent business controls.

In this detailed “nuts and bolts” workshop you’ll learn about all 3 of these critical building blocks to build a business, not a job.

You’ll learn the four core systems of every successful business, the 5 simple controls that your business needs now, and the 4 stages every business system goes through as you build your company the right way.

—-> Link to get your complimentary copy of this 4-part video training course!

Take action now and enjoy this gift with our compliments!

We look forward to your continued engagement with the and Maui Mastermind community of business owners!