June 7th, 2012

When is the last time you took a good, hard look at how reliant your company is on your presence to make it work day in, day out?

Today I want to share with you a simple one question quiz to determine that exact answer.

Are you ready for that question?

Here it is…

If you were hit by a bus tomorrow, what would happen to your business?

Would your business be able to keep running?  If so, for how long before things all fell apart.

For most business owners the answer is shocking–if they get hit by a bus their business folds in less than 30 days!

That means that there is NOTHING for their family… there is nothing for their employees… there is nothing for their customers…

Did I get your attention with that?  Everything you’ve worked so hard for could literally disappear in a moment.

What’s The Solution?

So what do you do about it?  You need to build a business, not a job.

This means you build a business that relies on three key legs: systems, team, and intelligent business controls.  This is what gives you a stable and scalable business.

This is a step-by-step progression and one that I’ve shared lots about over the years.  You know this because I’ve been sharing insights with you about building a successful business for a long time now.

In our language we call this process the Level Three Road Map™– the step-by-step progression through the lifecycle of your business.  It lays out exactly what your focus needs to be, the systems you need to develop, the team you need to hire, and the controls you need to institute at each stage and level along the way.

We recently posted a new 8 minute video including live workshop footage and interviews with several business owner clients who are using our road map to build their business.

—> Link to business road map video (posted on youtube.com)

For those of you who want help to take your business to Level Three please call or email my office and talk with our team about how the Maui team might be able to help you take your business to the next level.

You can reach us direct at toll-free 866-214-6619. Or you can email us at [email protected].

In either case I hope you use today’s blog as a wake-up call to do something about your business’s dependence on you.

My best to you,

David Finkel
Maui Mastermind®

P.S.  If you really want to take your business to Level Three as fast as possible, please call our office at 866-214-6619.  Or you can email us at [email protected].

P.P.S.  You can also watch that new 8 minute video to get a clear sense of how the program could impact your business.  Here is the link to this powerful youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ec981mf2juE