August 12th, 2014

Last summer I began writing a brand new book on growing a company with Co-Founder Jeff Hoffman.

It is finally coming out in 2 days time!

This is by far the best business book I’ve ever written.

The book is called, SCALE: 7 Proven Principles to Grow Your Business and Get Your Life Back.

Jeff and I spent hundreds of hours writing the book (not to mention a combined 40 years building companies to learn the strategies and insights we share in the book.)

The book is officially available this Thursday (August 14th), but I wanted to encourage you to pre-order your copy (hardcover or kindle) on Amazon now.

Quick Summary of All 7 Principles Covered in SCALE:

Scaling Principle One: Build a business, not a job. (Chapter 1)

The best way to build your business is not by working harder, but rather it is to reduce your business’s reliance on you so that your business can produce more.

Chapter One gives a detailed review of the Level Three Road Map sot that you can pass the the “Hit by a Bus” test.   If you ever want to escape the Self-Employment Trap you must build a business, not a job.

Scaling Principle Two: Build on the stable, scalable, three-legged base of systems, team, and internal controls.  (Chapter 2)

It’s not enough to just hire good people. Sustainable growth demands that you support your talented team with the smart business systems and intelligent internal controls that reliably help them produce more and better.

Chapter Two walks you through exactly what a business system is, including how to get your team to actually use the systems you create.  It also gives you 21 concrete examples of what business controls are so you can start to use them to reduce your company’s reliance on you.

Scaling Principle Three: Understand why your customers really do business with you.  (Chapter 3)

This principle boils down to truly knowing your customers—their desires, hopes, fears, aspirations, needs, pain, and perspective—so that you can find a profitable way to create value for them in a niche that you can dominate.

Chapter Three walks you through how to clarify the three dimensions of your business context: your customers, your competitors, and your position & brand so that you can sustainably grow your company.

Scaling Principle Four: Create the right strategic plan and reduce that plan into a series of rolling, one-page, quarterly action plans that help you execute and get results. (Chapter 4)

It is only by focusing your company’s limited resources on those fewer, better things that you are able to grow your business.

Chapter Four gives you a structured five-step process to determine your strategy, how to best apply it quarter by quarter, and how to turn it into a 1-page action plan.

Scaling Principle Five: Learn to read the world so that you stay relevant and build your business for tomorrow’s marketplace, not yesterday’s reality.  (Chapter 5)

In a rapidly changing world, the status quo is never safe. This is why it’s crucial that you learn to read the world so that you can innovate and seize opportunities for growth (not to mention avoid being blindsided by a disruptive change and put out of business.)

Chapter Five gives you a simple, proven process to follow so you can keep your business at the front of big change and safeguard your future.

Scaling Principle Six: Remove the predictable obstacles to growth—pillar by pillar.  (Chapters 6-11)

Every pillar of your business—Sales/Marketing, Operations, Financial, Team, and Executive Leadership—has predictable obstacles that you must move past as you scale your company. Because these obstacles are known, you can proactively chip away at them until they are no longer in the way of your growth.

Chapters 6-11 each cover one of the core pillars of your company, and how you can refine that pillar.  You’ll refer back to each of these chapters for years to come as you apply the rich insights to develop your business as a business.

Scaling Principle Seven: You do have the time to scale your company and get your life back. (Chapter 12)

You don’t have to work nights and weekends to grow your company. You are already working enough hours to grow your business. You just need to upgrade your use of time to focus on the things that you do that truly create value for your company.

Chapter 12 will help you decouple value created from “time served” so that you can create massive value for your company working the same or fewer hours.

If you’ve found value in the ideas we’ve shared over the years via our eletter, or live events, or webinars then I know you’ll love this book.

Here is the link to pre-order your copy today.

The book will ship from Amazon’s warehouse to you two days from now on August 14th.

I strongly encourage you to order your copy today.