September 29th, 2011

So many of the business owners I see struggle to IMPLEMENT systems inside their business.

They say, “But David, there is just so much resistance by our staff.”  Well today I want to share with you 5 ways to make systems REAL inside of your business.

Here are five specific suggestions to make systems a part of your company culture.

  1. Train your team: They may not know HOW to make and use systems.  You or some outside vendor are going to have to train them.
  2. Involve your team: Not only will letting them help you build out your company’s systems accelerate your progress to Level Three, but it will also make your team much more committed and involved in the process.
  3. Systems must make your team’s lives better: This means no “policy and procedures” manuals allowed.  NO ONE USES THEM!  You have to give as much thought to how you format your systems as you do to the process layer of the step-by-step.Would a checklist work here?  Or a sample script there?  Or a 10-minute tutorial video there?  Your systems must be user friendly and empower your team or they will be ignored.
  4. Start right from the point of hire:  I suggest you make sure that part of their job of all key hires that they work to systematize the position and responsibilities you hired them to do.  Explain that it’s part of their job requirement.
  5. You have to live systems as a role model: This means that you need to use systems, talk about systems, ask to see their systems, cheer on and celebrate their systems, and if need be, coach and correct their systems.  Your team is watching what you do very closely so lead well.

The Bottom Line:  Your team must internalize the discipline and understanding of the value of creating, using, and refining your systems over time. It can’t just be a fad, but must be an ingrained way of doing things inside your business.  If you start the process and don’t see it through, your efforts will wither.  Your team must see why systems matter to the business, to you, and to them.