May 23rd, 2012

In today’s blog I wanted to ask you five questions designed to help you sell more.

The reason I chose this topic was based on a great mastermind session I recently ran for our business coaching clients.  We were seeing results like one professional services firm that increased sales by over 65% in ONE MONTH, another I.T. company that grew sales by over $1 million in a 12 month period, and a contracting business that generated $140,000 of annual revenue in 60 days.

This has been a critical subject we’ve coached many of our business coaching clients through over the years.

If you haven’t yet taken a look at this short youtube video on how our business coaching and consulting program can help you build a business versus owning a job, PLEASE take a few minutes right now to see how. You’ll be amazed at what a great tool the program is to help you make your business more profitable, scalable, and enjoyable to own.

Now on to those 5 questions…

  1. What was it that originally got you started in your current line of business?  What drew you to it? The purpose behind this questions is to find out – are you still in alignment with what got you into your business originally.  And, if not how is your growing in that area in your deeper values and principles?
  2. When you first got started with your business how did you attract your first customers? Specifically what processes, marketing angle, and procedures did you use to attract your first customers?
  3. In the beginning – why did people buy from you? Answer this question with as much specificity as possible.  We did X consumers or prospects responded – why?  We did Y to close the sale or Z to close the sale the more the detail the better.  What was the single most impactful process procedure method that we used to attract clients and customers in the beginning?
  4. How is it that you do your marketing today? What’s the method, process that you acquire most of your clients?  What is the pathway that they take? What is the offer, the advantage, the benefit, that you value that you give that is perceived by the marketplace that you give to them?
  5. If I took all the marketing tactics away from you except one–  and you could only have this ONE SINGLE marketing vehicle — what would that one marketing tactic be? In other words, if your business’s life depended on just ONE marketing tactic, what one tactic would you choose? Do you currently leverage this one marketing tactic?  Or do you try to spread yourself too thin?

I hope you use these ideas to help you re-inspire yourself to get back to the fundamentals that help you sell more and create more value in your market.  Too many business owners drift in their marketing and it costs them dearly.

We’ve learned through our work with hundreds of small business owner coaching clients that focusing on fewer, better marketing tactics is almost always a better strategy than getting pulled in too many different marketing directions that you “half” do.

I hope you use these questions to grow your sales!

My best to you,

David Finkel
Maui Mastermind®

P.S.  Here’s that link to that youtube video giving you a clear overview of how the business coaching program can help you take your business to the next level!

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