January 28th, 2011

Have you ever wondered what the key milestones were to aim for as you grow your business?

Today I want to lay out 15 specific milestones for you to watch and aim for as you build your business.

1.      Your first sale.  Proves that someone will buy!

2.      Your 5th Sale. Proves it wasn’t a fluke.

3.      The first major fulfillment mistake you make, and what it taught you.

4.      The date you realized you really did have something of value to offer (and that your prices just might be too low.)

5.      Your first sale that comes from your system, not from you.

6.      Your 5th sale that comes from your system, not you.

7.      The moment when you have a workable bookkeeping system that doesn’t revolve around you (but with smart controls in place to protect against bad behaviors).  It gives you weekly A/R reporting, weekly sales reports, and monthly financial statements.

8. The first time you look at your product or service and realize that, “Hey, this is a really clear and repeatable value for people.”

9. The date you realize that your business is going to make it!

10.  Your first key hire.

11.  The day you write yourself your first “Oh my god, is this really happening” owners check.

12.  Day you realize your business has a life beyond just you.

13.  The day you return from an extended vacation and you realize that your company did better without you there for that time.

14. The first time you realize that if you were to get hit by a bus, your business would still thrive.

15. Day you start missing the good old days when you were needed to run every area of your company and you look back nostalgically. You are on a panel at a Maui Mastermind event telling your story and you realize that part of you is actually sad that those years of struggle are behind you.  It was sure an exciting time you’ll say.

This list is intended to spark you to pay attention and celebrate those moments in your business that demonstrate the progress you’ve made.  I’m all for being ambitious and keeping your eyes on the goals you’ve set, but to be fulfilled you’ve got to regularly notice the progress you’ve made.  Milestones like these help make your progress visible.

I hope you drugs without prescription online have a great weekend.  I’m off to Denver to work with a group of business owners there at the Business Owners Success Conference.