November 4th, 2011

  1. Plan your week. What are the 5 “bottom lines” that you must accomplish this week?  In other words, what 5 business items must you finish this week to have this week be a real victory for you?  What day(s) do you plan on working on them?  Block out the time at the start of the week for you to finish these five items.At the end of the week, score yourself.  Did you hit 5 of 5?  My goal is to consistently hit at least 4 out of 5 for each week’s bottom lines.  Everything else is gravy!
  2. Group your activities so that you can get maximum efficiency. On your weekly “to do” list (you do have a list just for the week right?) cluster items that relate to each other or that you’d be able to do back to back.  Do your phone calls with phone calls.  Do your quick emails with other emails.  It helps when you give yourself the chance to get into a rhythm.
  3. Send a recap of your accomplishments for the week to someone else–every week. On the Maui team we send our “white hat update” out on Friday morning.  Part of the benefit is that when you know you are going to be sending this out it gives you a layer of accountability.  Plus it also keeps people in the know about what you’re working on.  We have our Consulting Program clients do this every two weeks.  It works.We all need a layer of accountability in our business lives.

I hope you have a great week ahead of you and profit from these ideas.