August 5th, 2011

Do you believe that success leaves clues?  Then you’re going to love reading three, QUICK business owner case studies to help make your business more successful.

Each story is fast and to the point and shares a single essential core lesson.  This is one of the best parts of the Maui community – the opportunity to learn and profit from the experiences of our peers.

Case Study 1:  Kelly and Rob take the leap of faith.
When we first started working with Kelly and her husband Rob, they were both police officers for the Los Angeles Police Department.  They both wanted something more, but were scared to let go of their “safe” jobs (financially safe at any rate) on the LAPD.

But Kelly knew that to reach her dreams she had to let go of the status quo she was hugging so tightly, and take that leap of faith.  The results?

Now 8 years later, Kelly has two thriving business that help her earn 10 times more money than she ever did, working less hours, with more control, more freedom, and doing something she loves and feels passionate about.

Listen to Kelly as she shares in her own words!

“We never dreamed that we’d be able to quit our jobs as Los Angeles police officers and follow our dreams. We still can’t believe we now wake up every day living our dream life.”

Key Lesson:  Take the leap of faith and follow your dreams.

Case Study 2: Jennifer scales her software company.
Jennifer owned a software company that was trapped in the “revolves around the owner” trap.  As a result, her business was limited by what she could do personally.  After committing to follow the Level Three Road Map and work with the Maui team, Jennifer made the key hires and started to build the key systems to reduce her business’s dependency on her. This wasn’t easy.

It’s hard to “give up” control.  The key is if you focus on staying in “control”, you’ve got to be there all the time to exercise that control.  Instead look for ways to put your business in control, not just you.

In just the first 12 months after working together, Jennifer has increased her gross sales by 77% and her net profit by over 100%!

Key Lesson:  You’ve got to lessen your business’s dependency on you by putting the business in control, not just you.  This means investing in systems, controls, and management team.

Case Study 3:  Tom gets his life back.
Tom owns an electronics wholesaling business in Florida. When Tom came to us 36 months ago he already had a successful business netting him over $1 million a year. But he was working 80 hour weeks doing just about everything himself. By participating in our business owner programs Tom learned how to build systems and empower his team to scale his business.

Today his business is more successful than ever, and best of all, Tom now works roughly HALF the hours he once did! Here’s how Tom puts it:

“I’ve always been one of those driven people who believed in working hard to reach your goals. Before I began working with David and the Maui program I had been fortunate enough to build a successful business ( and real estate portfolio that generated a seven-figure income. But I had to work long hours tied to my computer, phone, and email to do it! or so I thought. Using the Level Three approach, I’ve reduced my working hours in half and still make the same income. Only now I don’t come in to the office until after 10am and take every Friday off to be with my family for the weekend. This sure feels a lot more like wealth and freedom to me.”

Key Lesson:  The value you create in the market is not dependent on the hours you put in IF you build a Level Three business!