June 3rd, 2011

Question One:  What is the single greatest limiting factor in your business?

Is it the need for more leads?  Or for better lead conversion?   Or more sales staff? Or better operational capacity?  Or for more capital?  Or for more team members?

Your business’s greatest limiting factor is a STRONG clue to one of the greatest leverage points inside your business to help it grow.  (We’ll go into this technique in detail on Wednesday’s webinar.)

Question Two:  If you had to fire 10-20% of your customers, who would you fire?

What would be the impact?  Take an honest look at all the effort you go to to sell these customers… serve these customers… put up with these customers…

What would happen if you phased them out over the next 90-180 days and used that freed up time to focus on better quality prospective customers?

Every business needs to regularly question the markets they are going after and the customers they take on.  There is a real cost to every customer you continue to say yes to.

Question Three:  Knowing all that you know now, look closely at the products and services that you offer.  Which product or services would you NOT get into if you had it all to do over?

Maybe it’s time to consider freeing up resources to focus on your winning products and services by letting your losers die a painless death…

I hope these three questions got you thinking fresh about your business.

Have a great close to your week.