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Build a Business, Not a Job

From Wall Street Journal best-selling author David Finkel, get this clear road map to build a business you can sell, scale, or own passively. Get Your Free Copy

Entrepreneurs find success, because they have singular focus. They take an idea and turn it into a full-fledged business. When you are getting started, your energy is devoted to building – planning for your eventual exit is the last thing on your mind. However, the sooner you start thinking about succession planning, the more likely []

Have you ever wondered how the world’s top entrepreneurs get so much done in their days? After all, they have the same 24 hour days and 7 day weeks, yet they consistently get so much more done in that time. I was recently talking with a friend who owns and still runs a $155 million []

Accountants and tax preparation professionals are an important asset to your financial team. They ensure that your returns are completed accurately and filed on-time. However, during the busy tax season, they are limited in how much time they can spend exploring less common tax deductions and credits. This is where your Certified Tax Coach comes []

As we enter into the final half of the year, headlines are going to popping up about how online giants like and others expect to increase online sales by billions of dollars. Here are five powerful tips we share with our business coaching clients to increase  website conversion that they consistently use that allow []

Most professional service firms have operating profit margins from 25-40 percent. This means that out of every dollar of revenue, 25-40 cents drops to their bottom line as pre-tax profits. I want to share with you a simple strategy that one law firm I work with used to increase its operating profit margin by 29.5 []

Even the most savvy investors and tax experts often avoid the topic of cost segregation. It’s complicated, and a careful reading of tax code doesn’t do much to clear things up. Most IRS-approved applications of cost segregation were developed through individual rulings, rather than written into tax regulations, making it a challenge to get a []

With Uber and Google’s workplace diversity issues sparking headlines across the country this year, I wanted to share three things that will make a difference. To be clear, none of these things are quick fixes. All three of these ideas are designed to help create a company culture that is diverse and empowered. This can []

Real estate investment is one of the most effective methods of building wealth, but it only works when you can keep your tax liability under control. Fortunately, owning property gives you a variety of strategies for reducing your tax bill. Our new release, The Great Tax Escape, includes tips and tricks from experts like Certified []

The response was so strong from the article I posted last week of 15 email marketing insider tips that I wanted to share nine more with you in this article. Considering that my company Maui Mastermind sends out millions of targeted emails every month to our subscriber elist for our business coaching company, we’ve learned []

Entrepreneurs have a long list of special opportunities to save on taxes. However, your eligibility for some tax breaks depends on the decisions you make as you are planning and launching your business. One of the most critical choices is which business entity you will operate under. Our new release, The Great Tax Escape, walks []

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