Level 3 Road Map™

The Greatest Challenge Entrepreneurs Face

Level 3 Road Map
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Time after time, we’re approached by intelligent, hard-working people who’ve become owned by the very businesses they once thought they owned.

The greatest challenge you’ll ever face as an entrepreneur is how to build a business that’s independent of you, the business owner. We call this flourishing, independent business a Level Three business.

If you’ve struggled with this challenge, we have a solution. We’ll show you how to build a business you can one day sell, scale, or just own passively.

The Maui Advisors have collectively started, scaled, and sold more than $2 billion of businesses. During the past 15 years, we’ve assisted more than 100,000 business owners in making their businesses more successful. We’ve helped them grow their sales, increase their cash flow, and reduce their businesses’ reliance on their own work and presence every day.

The Level Three Road Map works; we’ve proven it. Best of all, we can help you do it too!

3 Steps to Use the Level Three Road Map to Build a Business You Can Sell, Scale, or Own Passively

The Level Three Road Map is lays out the complete lifecycle of your business from launch to exit. At each stage and level along the way there are specific focuses and leverage points for you to accelerate your journey to Level Three.

Here are the three steps for you to use the Level Three Road Map to build a business, not a job:

The Step One: Determine exactly which Stage and Level your business currently is at.
Determine exactly what Level and Stage your business is currently at so that you can get focused coaching and an action plan specifically designed for your business. Click here to take a 3 minute online quiz to determine your business’s Level and Stage. It’s called the ‘Road Map Quiz’ and it’s a simple diagnostic tool we’ve designed to help you quickly identify your starting point.

Step Two: Study the leverage points and strategic focus for your Stage and Level.
After you complete the ‘Road Map Quiz’, you’ll be taken to a private web page with a short training video and summary content that gives you the key focus points for your business at its current stage and level of development.

Step Three: Get involved with the Maui community of business owners and apply the Level Three lessons you are learning to your business.
We’ll give you links to other business owner resources (free and paid) that you can use to accelerate your journey to Level Three. Remember, alone you are vulnerable, but together we’re strong. We encourage you to get involved with the Maui community. Together we can help each other be more successful.

Your First Step: Take the Road Map Quiz!